The CCCA conducts Car Club Challenge races at Pacific Raceways and Bremerton Raceway during the regular racing season.
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 Nov 14th 2010 CCCA Mtg Minutes

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PostSubject: Nov 14th 2010 CCCA Mtg Minutes   Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:03 am

Car Club Challenge Meeting November 14th 2010

Call to order
In attendance Kent and Sue Magruder, Dave Kranz, Steve Kranz, Steve Neel, Dave Carman, Don Berry, Jason Cooper, Jeff Eason
10:04 AM

1. Consent agenda- Oct 24th meeting minutes- No comments from the forum. Oct Minutes accepted

2. Secretary/Treasurer report- Request suggestions for next year’s sponsors Don will talk to Accurate Engines

3. Discussion of next year’s schedule- Kent
Already in discussions with Bremerton. Pacific schedule will not be ready until sometime in January.

4. New Teams- Please
5. The following were named as possible contacts to discuss an Import team:

Z spot-
Carb Connection-
Vision Tint Racing-
Dyno’s in totem Lake and Woodinville

6. Vote on October meeting proposals:

[b]1. Tie Breakers-[/b

]Prop 1-Steve Neel( author) explained what a best package was.

Prop 2-Dave Carman( author)explained by Kent who read the prop.

It was agreed ball all present to not vote on proposal 1 or 2 at this meeting and to add a third proposal, and a vote will occur at the January CCCA mtg.

New Prop 3- Steve Neel - If there is a tie at the last race of a given track, there shall be a run-off as determined by the CCCA Race Director. It must occur at that event. If the Race Director has determined that a run-off is not possible, then the final determination shall be made using the Best Package from eliminations of that race.

Lane Choice- Steve explained his prop.

Motion to vote on Lane Choice proposal by Dave Kranz and second by Steve Kranz. Prop passed 7 -1.
Lane choice shall be determined by the largest team at each race. This shall be determined after the first Test-N-Tune.

7. New business- All voted to cancel the December mtg. The next mtg will be scheduled for January 2011
8. Close meeting-10:50 AM

Kent Magruder
Site Administrator
Former CCCA President
Current CCCA Treasurer
W01 Ford Drag Team Capt.
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Nov 14th 2010 CCCA Mtg Minutes
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